Laboratory Centrifuges

Laboratory Centrifuges: Medicus Health is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality Laboratory Centrifuges to hospitals, surgery centers, outpatient clinics, home health care providers and physicians. Medicus Health has a large selection of Laboratory Supplies.

Laboratory Centrifuges: The Benchtop Laboratory Centrifuges are divided below into 10 different Subcategories (below) to try and make it easier to select the proper centrifuge. First it by Rotor Type: Benchtop Centrifuges with Fixed Angle Rotors & Benchtop Centrifuges with Horizontal "Swing-Out" Rotors.  Next is by Test Tube Type: 3-15 mL Tubes with Fixed Angle Rotors, 3-15 mL Tubes with Horizontal Rotors, 1-2mL Microtubes, Microhematocrit Tubes, PCR Tubes, Combination Rotor Centrifuges, Mobile Centrifuges and Carts & Accessories.

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