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Anti-Fatigue Mat Buying Guide

Anti-Fatigue Mat Buying Guide

Health care workers are particularly prone to fatigue and injury in the healthcare setting due to prolonged standing and walking on very hard surfaces- usually a concrete surface with a vinyl coating. Having an adequate anti fatigue mat will help prevent injuries and reduce lost work time.

5 days ago
Validation Techniques for Large Blood Bank Transport Coolers

Validation Techniques for Large Blood Bank Transport Coolers

Having recently had questions regarding proper transport of blood products, this post is designed to help clarify some questions about how best to validate transport containers.

18 days ago
Medicus Health

Narcotic Cabinets with Audit Trail

Check out @MedicusHealth1  new expanded selection of Innovative Narcotic Cabinets with Traceable Audit Trail in (7) different variations that are all Exclusive to Medicus health and In stock:

Finally! An affordable Narcotic Box with Traceable Audit Trail Software that's free and easy to use and affordable. Medicus Health has (7) different versions with multiple style options and we also make custom options.  If you have a custom style or size that you are interested in having us manufacture for your facility then let us know. Please visit our website for images, features/benefits, prices and more information or e-mail us at: [email protected] or give us a call @ 877-514-1140. #pharmacy, #narcotics, #JCAHO

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3 years ago