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Surgical Products

Medicus Health is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality medical supplies to hospitals, surgery centers, outpatient clinics, home health care providers and physicians. Medicus Health has a large selection of anethesia screen frames, anesthesia/surgery labels, arm and hand surgery labels, armboards, safety, scrub station and face mask dispensers, site identification, sockets and clamps, step stools, surgical clamps, surgical mats, surgical seating, suture storage racks, wound care

Choose from the follwing selection of Product Categories: Anethesia Screen Frames, Anesthesia/Surgery Labels, Arm and Hand Surgery Labels, Armboards, Safety, Scrub Station and Face Mask Dispensers, Site Identification, Sockets and Clamps, Step Stools, Surgical Clamps, Surgical Mats, Surgical Seating, Suture Storage Racks, Wound Care
Anesthesia & Surgery Labels
Anesthesia & Surgery Labels
Anesthesia Screen Frames
Anesthesia Screen Frames help separate the patient's head from the surgical site during procedures
Arm and Hand Surgery Tables
Arm and Hand Surgery Tables are strong and lightweight to help secure proper positioning during surgery
Armboards Attach Easily to Operating Room Bed Rails
C-Arm Covers
C-Arm Drape Covers help Protect Equipment During Surgery
Case Carts
Case Carts help Transport Surgery Supplies from Central Supply to the O.R.
Catheter Carts
Catheter Procedure Carts hold all styles and sizes of catheter packages
Clark Sockets and Surgical Table Clamps
OR Clark Sockets and Surgical Table Clamps are great for Table Accessory Attachment
Cord Management
The Beata Clasp® is a soft recyclable foam clasp that attaches to the hospital bedrail.
Dome Bags
Dome Bags can be used to cover a wide variety of medical equipment
Patient Positioners
Gel Patient Positioners: Gel Patient Postioners are used primarily as surgical and x-ray positioners to offer pressure reduction during medical/surgical procedures.
Mayo Instrument Stands
Mayo & Instrument Stands for the Operating Room
Operating Room (OR) Fluid Managment
Operating Room Fluid Management Products provide convenient and effective means of managing infectious waste fluid generated during very wet operating room procedures
Operating Room Tables & Carts
Operating Room Tables, Case Carts, Blanket Warmers, IV Poles, Kick Buckets, Mayo Instrument Stands
Surgery Instrument Trays
Surgery Instrument Trays, Bowls, Jars, Beakers, Pans & More
Sterile Wrap Carts
Sterile Wrap Carts
WriteSite Skin Markers
Pre-Op Mitts, Dispensers, Surgical Skin Markers
Surgical Supply Lockable Cabinet w/ Clear Drawers
Surgery Storage Supply Cabinets Provide Highly Visual Secure Storage in the Operating Room
Surgical Light Handle Covers
Surgical Light Handle Covers
Surgical Mats
Surgical Mats: Safe, Comfortable Footing in the O.R.
Surgery Peg Board Positioners
Surgery Peg Board Lateral Positioners
Surgical PPE Dispensers
Surgical PPE Protection Dispensers: Surgical PPE Protection Dispensers are designed to isolation gowns, bouffant caps, shoe covers, coveralls and jumpsuits.
Surgical Safety
Surgical Safety Items
Surgical Seating
Surgical Seating: Seating for the Operating Room
Surgical Site Identification
Surgical Site Identification: Products for Preventing Wrong Site Surgeries
Surgical Step Stool
Surgical Step Stools: Safe, Secure and Sturdy Elevation Products for the Operating Room
Aluminum Side Rail Socket
Surgical Table Accessories Clamps, Surgery Rail Clamps & OR Sockets are Designed as Surgical Accessories for Operating Room Tables
Suture Storage Cart
Suture Storage Carts: Suture Storage Carts help increase your efficiency and organization in the operating room
Suture Storage Racks
Suture Storage Racks: Keep sutures separated, organized, visible and easily accessible
Uro Catchers
Uro Catchers Provide Excellent Fluid Containment for Procedures
Cohesive Bandage
Cohesive Bandages, Pre Op Gloves