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Medicus Health is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality medical supplies to hospitals, surgery centers, outpatient clinics, home health care providers and physicians. Medicus Health has a large selection of medication lockable boxes, locking drug boxes, dividable lock boxes, refrigerator lock boxes, locking drug boxes, narcotic cabinets, anti-fatigue mats, apparel, exam gloves, eyewash, face mask dispensers, first aid, footwear, glove dispensers, medication storage, patient bed safety, patient transfer boards, personal protection bulk dispensers, safety glasses

Choose from the follwing selection of Product Categories: Anti-Fatigue Mats, Apparel, Exam Gloves, Eyewash, Face Mask Dispensers, First Aid, Footwear, Glove Dispensers, Medication Storage, Patient Bed Safety, Patient Transfer Boards, Personal Protection Bulk Dispensers, Safety Glasses
Medication Storage
Widest Selection of Medication Storage Lock Boxes to Secure your Drugs and Deter Theft with Two Full Pages of Product and Custom Items Available as well
Hospital Patient Room Safes
Hospital Patient Room Safes are a Great Economical Way for Storing Patient Belongings
Anti-Fatigue Mats
Anti-Fatigue Mats: Comfortable Matting that Cushions Your Feet
Clean Room Mats
Clean Room Mats are essential where environmental cleanliness or sterility is a critcal concern
Exam Gloves
Non Sterile Nitrile and Latex Exam Gloves
Unique Eye Wash Design for Maximum Flow Efficiency
Face Mask Dispensers
Face Mask Dispensers help keep face masks clean and readiliy available for when you need face masks the most.
First Aid
First Aid Kits and Supplies
Flammable Cabinet
Keep your flammable liquids and hazardous chemical supplies safe and secure with these storage solutions
Glove Dispensers
Glove Dispensers: Durable Glove Dispensers keep your gloves clean and organized and they won't crack or craze like acrylic
IV Bag Secuirty Lock Box
IV Bag Secuirty Lock Box
Medical Safety & Radiation Prevention Glasses
Medical Safety & Radiation Prevention Glasses: Designer Safety Glasses Fit Better and Perform Better
Medical Safety Apparel
Face Masks, Isolation Gowns, Labcoats, Bouffant Caps, Tissues
Drug Drop Box
Medication Drop Boxes are great for unused or expired medication
Patient Transfer Boards
Medicus Health's Patient Transfer Boards Provide Safe and Easy Patient Transfer
Personal Protection Bulk Dispensers
PPE Dispensers: Keep your Gowns, Bootie and Face Masks Organized with these Bulk Storage PPE Dispensers
Sharps Containers - 1 Quart
Sharps Disposal Containers Provide Safe Disposal of Syringes, Needles, and Other Small Medical Sharps Devices & Biohazard Waste Boxes are a Safe, Hygienic Disposal for Biohazard Materials