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Pre-OP Glove - 100/pack

Pre-Op Glove
Your Price: $19.00
Item Number: 5177M1

Quick and Easy Hair Removal - Similar to Covidien 80025 Preop Mitt
  • A peel-and-stick mitt to fit over the hand of the surgical technologist which facilitates removal of lint and hair from the patient´s skin. 100 mitts per case.
  • AORN and the Joint Commission recommend the use of clippers for pre-op hair removal
  • Clippers will chop the hairs into tiny fragments that are difficult to remove from the surgical site
  • Pre-Op Glove with adhesive side cleans up loose hair after using clippers during surgery prep
  • The large Pre-Op Glove surface covers more area than tape and is a single use item
  • Simply turn the pre-op mitt inside out following use for simple, mess free disposal
  • Pre-op Mitt saves time and conserves expensive surgical tape
  • Pre-op Mit surface area is 7”L x 5-1/2”W
  • Free Samples Available. Call 877-514-1140 or e-mail your request with shipping info. to for details.
  • Similar to Covidien 80025 and Mallinckrodt 80025
  • Click This Link for Latex Free Documentation
  • For convenient Pre-Op Glove storage and dispensing see our New Pre-Op Glove Dispenser (below) under Related Products

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