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IV & Blood Draw Supplies

Medicus Health is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality medical supplies to hospitals, surgery centers, outpatient clinics, home health care providers and physicians. Medicus Health has a large selection of blood draw chairs, blood draw trays, IV poles & accessories, room status flags, step stools, tables & stands, tourniquets, tube racks, vein identifiers, wound care

Choose from the follwing selection of Product Categories: Blood Draw Chairs, Blood Draw Trays, IV Poles & Accessories, Room Status Flags, Step Stools, Tables & Stands, Tourniquets, Tube Racks, Vein Identifiers, Wound Care
Biohazard Splash Shields
Biohazard Splash Guards increase your splash protection by keeping hazardous material contained while you work
Blood Draw Chairs
Padded Seating Designed Specifically for Drawing Blood
Cohesive Bandages
Cohesive Bandages • Self-Adhering Bandages are Softer, More Comfortable and Easier to Tear
IV Poles & Accessories
IV Poles, Color Coded IV Poles, IV Pole Accessories
Latex Free Tourniquets
Latex Free Tourinquets are smooth and notch-cut every 18" for your convenience
Phlebotomy Carts
Phlebotomy Carts: Medicus Exclusive Phlebotomy Cart with Blood Draw Tray cart provides perfect space for phlebotomy tote with room for writing space.
Phlebotomy Education
Phlebotomy Education: These videos help train phlebotomists to do their jobs safely, more efficiently and via the correct procedures
Phlebotomy Trays
Phlebotomy Trays: Phlebotomy Trays Keep Your Blood Draw Supplies Handy, Mobile and Easily Accessible
Room Status Flags
Room Status Indicator Flags: Use Room Status Indicator Flags position and color to show the room status (occupied, x-ray, ready for clean up, etc.) and increase the efficiency of your facility
Step Stools
Step Stools are durable and sturdy to help prevent falls
Phlebotomy Tables & Stands
Use Side Tables and Carts to Stage your Blood Draw Totes and Supplies
Treatment Tables
Treatment Tables
Tube Racks
Blood Tube Racks Separate and Centralize Your Blood Draw Tubes and Supplies
Urine Sample Collection Tray with Handle
Urine Sample Collection, Analysis and Organization Supplies: Urine Sample Collection Tray with Handle, Stacking Wire Urine Sample Storage Racks, Stat Blue Instant Bluing Tablets, Urine Specimen Cups-Sterile, Urine Specimen Cups-Non-Sterile, and many more
Vein Finder
Vein Finder: Vein Fidners light up tough to see veins for easy identification
Latex Free Cohesive Bandages
Latex Free Cohesive Bandages