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Infection Control

Medicus Health is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality medical supplies to hospitals, surgery centers, outpatient clinics, home health care providers and physicians. Medicus Health has a large selection of disinfectants, face mask dispensers, glove dispensers, hand sanitizers, infection control labels, isolation stations, keyboard and screen covers, linen carts, personal protection bulk dispensers, respiratory hygiene stations, linen hampers, waste containers, pre-op gloves
Choose from the following selection of product categories: Disinfectants, Face Mask Dispensers, Glove Dispensers, Hand Sanitizers, Infection Control Labels, Isolation Stations, Keyboard and Screen Covers, Linen Carts, Personal Protection Bulk Dispensers, Respiratory Hygiene Stations, Linen Hampers, Waste Containers, Pre-Op Gloves
Isolation Stations
Isolation Stations for Infection Control: We have the Largest Selection in the Healthcare Market. Designed to hold Isolation Gowns, Gloves and Masks on hand for hospital staff.
Respiratory Hygiene Station Panels
Infection Control Stations look great and are perfect for providing your guests and staff with respiratory hygiene supplies
Respiratory Hygiene Stations
Respiratory Hygiene Stations provide guests with the respiratory hygiene products they need to prevent infection.
Visitor Wellness Center for Infection Control
Visitor Wellness Center for Infection Control infection control in the hospital including: a stand, hands free dispenser, bracket for face mask & bracket for tissues
Purell Infection Control Stations
Purell Infection Control Stations provide high visibility infection control solutions to visitors and guests
Aluminum Isolation Stations
Aluminum Isolation Stations are a Tough, Durable Solution for Hospitals that don't Allow Plastic Mounted on the Walls
Beata Clasp
The Beata Clasp® is a soft recyclable foam clasp that attaches to the hospital bedrail and keeps cords and tubing from dragging on the floor helping to prevent central line infection in the hospital
Specialized disinfectants for healthcare settings.
Face Mask Dispensers
Face Mask Dispensers: Universal Fit Face Mask Dispensers come in a variety of material types, sizes and styles.
Glove Dispensers
Durable Glove Dispensers Keep Your Gloves Clean and Organized. Glove Dispensers are made of PETG.
Hand Sanitizers
Hand sanitizers for medical environments.
Infection Control Labels
Handwash Techniques, Isolation, Precautions Labels
Keyboard and Screen Covers
Keyboard Covers keep keyboards clean and sanitary. Choose from Disposable, Standard Desktop, Laptop or Screen Covers.
Linen Carts
PVC Linen Carts: Widest selection of PVC Linen Cart styles available. Widest selection of PVC Linen Cart colors available.
Medical Waster Bags
Medical Waste Bags are ideal for Hospitals. Bags come in Several Different Styles, Volumes and Duties
Paper Towel Holders
Paper Towel Holders
PPE Dispensers
PPE Dispensers: Keep your gowns, booties, fand face masks organized, visible and easily accessible with these Bulk Storage PPE Dispensers.
Linen Hampers
Linen Hampers: Linen Hampers help store and organize soiled laundry for fast and easy servicing
Dental PPE Dispensers
Dental PPE Dispensers and Organizers provide a simple, attractive, convenient solution to the PPE you need every day
Medical Waste Containers
Convenient, Durable Biohazard Waste Disposal Containers