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Healthcare Furniture & Equipment

Medicus Health is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality medical supplies to hospitals, surgery centers, outpatient clinics, home health care providers and physicians. Medicus Health has a large selection of anti-fatigue mats, blanket warmers, utility carts, carts, stain resistant carts, case carts, chairs, clinical care recliners, privacy screens, shelving and storage, surge overflow, step stools, tables, wall desks, charting stations

Choose from the follwing selection of Product Categories: Anti-Fatigue Mats, Blanket Warmers, Warming Cabinets, Utility Carts, Carts,  Stain Resistant Carts, Case Carts, Chairs, Clinical Care Recliners, Privacy Screens, Shelving and Storage, Surge Overflow, Step Stools, Tables, Wall Desks, Charting Stations
Radiology 2-Step X-Ray Stool
Practical solutions for Radiology Departments
Portable Blanket Warmers
Unique Portable Blanket Warmers are easy to use and inexpensive. Warming Cabinets have a digital control panel with 510k Certification
Anti-Fatigue Mats
Reduce Leg and Foot Fatigue with Anti Fatigue Mats
Bedpans & Wall Storage
Bedpans & Bedpan Storage
Lab Stool
Economy Lab Stools
Clinical Recliners
Clinical Care Recliners have outstanding comfort, quality, and durability. Clinical Care Recliners also available with Heat & Massage for oncology units
Footests are ergonomically designed to comfort for your feet and relieve stress. Wide variety of footrests.
Computer Workstations
Hospital Computer Workstations provide easy sturdy access to computers, printers, and storage areas for patient medical record keeping
Medical Utility Carts
Medical Equipment Carts, Utility Carts, Stainless Steel Carts, Adjustable Height Carts, Stain-Resistant Carts
Medical Exam Tables
Medical Exam Tables
LED Light Fixtures
Medical Lighting
Wall Desks
Medical Charting Stations and Wall Desks Provide a Solution for Your Computer Storage and Security Needs
Privacy Screen
Privacy Screens are Fully Expandable for Immediate Patient Isolation
Room Flags
Room Flags: Exam Room Indicator Flags
Medical Storage Shelving
Cabinets, Lockers, Wire Shelving
Medical Step Stools
Safe, Secure Elevation Assistance
Surge Overflow Beds
Convenient overflow beds for disaster preparedness and response.
Medical Tables
Instrument Tables, Ergonomic Tables, Equipment Stands