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Phlebotomy Supplies

Phlebotomy Supplies: Medicus Health carries a full line of Phlebotomy Supplies for customers in hospitals, surgery centers, outpatient clinics, home health care providers and physician offices. Medicus Health has a large selection of Phlebotomy and Laboratory Supplies.
Lab Supply Storage Storage
Lab Supply Storage Storage: Lab Supply Storage Storage makes organization in laboratories or operating rooms easier.
Anti Fatigue Mat
Anti Fatigue Mats: Reduce Leg and Foot Fatigue with Anti Fatigue Mats
Biohazard Bag Dispensers
Biohazard & Linen Bag Dispensers: Biohazard & Linen Bag Dispensers are designed to dispense individual sized linen, biohazard, & garbage bag rolls
Biohazard Splash Guards
Biohazard Splash Guards increase your splash protection by keeping hazardous material contained while you work
Blood Bag Organizer
Blood Bank products help you orgamize and protect your blood from contamination
Blood Donor Bed
Blood Donor Lounges
Laboratory Centrifuges: Laboratory Centrifuges are extremely quiet and equipped with maintenance free brushless induction
Control Vial and Calibrators Racks
Control Vial and Calibrators Racks - Our Exclusive Control Freek Vial Racks with swivel base are great for organizing your control vials
Control Vial Dropper Tips
Control Vial Dropper Tips allow precise distribution when dispensing controls and prevent contamination
Cubitainer Storage Racks
Cubitainer Carts & Storage Racks: Cubitainer Storage Racks help keep reagent cubitainer boxes off the ground per fire marshall regulations. Our Cubitainer Storage Racks are manufactured with 100% recyclable plastics to meet hospital "green initiatives"
Glove Holders
Glove Dispensers: Don't settle for acrylic Glove Dispensers that crack and craze easily. We have the largest selection of glove holders sizes for 1-4 glove box capacities
Splash Shield
Laboratory safety products
Laboratory Supply Dispensers
Laboratory Supply Dispensers: Laboratory Dispensers Allow You to Find Easy Ways to Organize and Dispense Common Lab Items like: Gloves , Parafilm, Paper Towels, Kim Wipes, Tube Caps, and many more
Timers and Counters
Selection of timers and counters for Laboratory applications
Latex Free Tourniquet
Latex Free Colored Tourniquets: Latex Free Colored Tourniquets come in individual rolls of pink, purple, green or blue or a pack of each color combined in one package.
Medical Drawer Organizers
Medical Drawer Organizers contain several different compartments to increase visibility of drawer contents
Microscope Slides
Microscope Slides and Storage products. Including Plain slides, frosted slides, charged slides, specialty slides, coverglass, staining and storage products.
Pediatric Phlebotomy Cart
Unique Pediatric Blood Draw Supplies make Kids more Comfortable During Stressful Draw Procedures
Phlebotomy Carts
Phlebotomy Carts: Medicus Exclusive Phlebotomy Cart with Blood Draw Tray cart provides perfect space for phlebotomy tote with room for writing space.
Phlebotomy Chairs
Phlebotomy Chairs: Medicus Health has a large selection of Phlebotomy Chairs. Choose from: Blood Draw Chairs - Standard Padded , Blood Draw Chairs - Height Adjustable with Hydraulic Lift , Clinical Care Recliner Chairs - 3-Position and many more.
Phlebotomy Tray
Phlebotomy Supplies including Blood Draw Trays, Latex Free Tourniquets and Furniture
Phlebotomy Tables
Phlebotomy Tables
Phlebotomy Wedge
Phlebotomy Foam Wedge is comfortable and contoured to patients arm to help stabilize arm during patient blood draws or I.V. starts
Pipette Storage
Pipettes & Pipette Storage
Biohazard  Specimen Transport Bags
Specimen Transport and Storage.
Test Tube Caps
Our Test Tube Caps protect lab specimens. Choose from Universal Fit Test Tube Plug Caps or Snap Cap Tube Caps to fit 16mm, 13mm, 12mm and 10mm Vacutainer test tubes. Our Tube Caps eliminate need for mulitple size tube caps so they save you money and time
Test Tube Racks
Blood Tube Racks separate and centralize your blood draw tubes and supplies. Choose from our unique Blood Draw Tube Organizers, Wire Tube Racks, Delrin Tube Racks, Polyethylene Tube Racks, Monster Racks and Build Your Own Monster Racks
Test Tubes
Test Tubes: Test Tubes designed for clinical applications
Tube Jockey Mobile Draw Station
Tube Jockey Mobile Draw Station: Tube Jockey Mobile Draw Station: Ever wish you had a third hand when drawing blood? Now you do...This is the perfect solution for staging tubes during or after blood draws without the risk of tubes falling to the floor.
Tube Rockers and Mixers
Blood Tube Rockers: Blood Tube Rockers have gentle back and forth motion that protects blood samples from being traumitized or hemolyzed
Urine Sample Collection Tray with Handle
Urine Sample Collection, Analysis and Organization Supplies: Urine Sample Collection Tray with Handle, Stacking Wire Urine Sample Storage Racks, Stat Blue Instant Bluing Tablets, Urine Specimen Cups-Sterile, Urine Specimen Cups-Non-Sterile, and many more
Make It Easy to Illuminate Infant Veins
Digital Water Baths
Compact Water Baths are great for thawing Fresh Frozen Plasma or Cryoprecipitate and is easy to clean